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Six Figure Foundations

10 Modules

Module 7: Raving Fans Formula

Being an influencer is not just a buzzword, there is a level of integrity required to break the mold within your industry. Having ethics and integrity is a huge part of creating a following along with conscious choices. By weeding out the people you are not serving you attract more of those who connect with you on an authentic level. I show you how to come from a place of service without sacrificing who you truly are and how to create a first class experience through your programs and courses.

Module 8 is broken down into four parts:

Part One: Customer Experience - How to create an amazing customer experience that has your clients and students raving about you.

Part Two: Referrals - How to ask for referrals without seeming sleazy and build a brand based on reputation and word of mouth

Part Three: Testimonials - how to request testimonials and feedback for your products and services and what questions to ask to get the most effective testimonies.

Part Four: The Raving Fans Formula - how to stand out and magnetize your true tribe and surround yourself with other influencers

Modules for this program 10
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